BİOBİLİM PHARMA İlaç San. ve Tic. Anonim.

company which goal is to manufacture quality pharmaceuticals products in the world, technically transfers its experience in pharmaceutical industry with the cooperation of internationally well_known scientists and experts started its activities In 2019, in Istanbul Tuzla Kimya Organize Sanayi,Turkey.

The products of this company are presented to the market with commercial logo. The formulation of the products are designed for humans and animals usage . Our products have taken their place with improved formulations as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our Mission

To harness the power of probiotics and scientific research to promote gut health and well-being, empowering individuals to lead healthier lives.

Our Vision

To be a leading force in the probiotics industry, driving innovation, and inspiring a global community of wellness seekers.

Our Team

Expert and Experienced Staff

Our team of experts with extensive knowledge in various disciplines, including doctors, natural healers, chemists, formulators, and nutritionists, contributes to the development of deficient health-based products and guarantees the health and safety of the products. In addition to local experts, we collaborate with other scientists and researchers at prestigious universities and research centers abroad, thus, we are conducting more efficient R&D studies.

Our Laboratories

  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Research and Development Laboratory
  • Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Genetic Laborator


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