Packaging and Supplement Facts

Probiotics based on WHO/FAO definition are “live microorganisms that when consume in adequate amount, confer health benefit on host.”

There are several stresses in honeybee industry like climate changes, migration, feedstuff changes etc. that can weaken the immune system and cause gut microbial imbalance in honeybee. This factors can lead to several diseases, decrease in production and mortality.

Using probiotic supplements in honeybee hives can balance and optimize the gut microflora as well as promote the growth, improve the digestion and absorption, enhance the immune system performance and enhance the resistance to stresses and diseases.

PROBILIM ® Honeybee is combination of nine bacteria and yeast probiotic strains that is specially formulated for honeybee hives based on in vitro and in vivo experiments

Probilim® Honeybee

  • Preventing stress
  • GI microflora balance
  • Enhancing digestion and absorption
  • Increasing resistance to diseases
  • Preventing the growth of pathogenic agents
  • Increasing and rebuilding intestinal microvilli
  • Vitamin and enzyme production
  • Improving weak hives
  • Enhancing the immune system performance
  • Resistance to diseases
  • Re-establishment of gut microflora after antibiotic therapy
  • Improving digestion and absorption
  • Health improvement and mortality reduction in the hives
  • Possibility of simultaneous use within supplements, anti-parasitic and other honeybee drugs
  • Improving reproduction rate, increasing hive population
  • Spring and autumn seasons
  • Migration
  • After antibiotic therapy
  • At disease time
  • Decline in food sources
  • 10 g/hive daily

Probilim® Honeybee can be used in following ways:

  • Dissolved in cool sugar syrup
  • Mixed with sugar and scattered on the combs
  • Mixed with honeybee cake
  • 100g cans, 500g pockets
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