Packaging and Supplement Facts

Probilim® Pond probiotic supplement with Probilim brand is combination of four bacterial probiotic strains specially formulated to improve quality of aquatic (Shrimp, Prawn, Fish, …) ponds based on in vitro and in vivo experiments.


  • Decomposition and transformation of organic matter
  • Neutralize the effect of toxins
  • Remove stressors
  • Increasing growth of helpful algae
  • Purging sewage of pond water
  • Decreasing of toxic algae
  • Improvement of water quality
  • Remove stressors and toxins such as nitrogen
  • Stabilization of water and sediment quality components
  • Reducing the need for ponds to lime, organic and chemical fertilizers
  • Reducing the need for water exchange of pond
  • Stabilization of water pH
  • Reduction of nitrogen compounds in culture ponds
  • Reduction of hazardous gasses (NH3, NO2, H2S, Methane…)
  • Stabilization of algal bloom
  • Inhibition of microbial pathogens in the pond water
  • Reduction of stress and mortality
  • Improving carcass quality
  • Quality improvement of sludge and sediments
  • Decreasing costs of energy, water, etc.
  • Can be used in agricultural reservoir water ponds for aquaculture


Period Dosage
 Before filling the Pond  1 Kilogram per Hectare
 After filling the Pond  1 Kilogram per Hectare
 During Culture  250-500 grams per Hectar Once a Week
 After Harvest  500 grams per Hectare
  • In case of pollutant and high water turbidity; use 1 kg/ha of PROBİLİM® Pond.
  • When nutrients are limited in the pond; reduce frequency of application and apply a lower dose.
  • Before using; dissolve the requires quantity of PROBİLİM® Pond in 40 liters of pond water in a reservoir. Then distribute evenly over the pond.
  • Before using; start the aerators to better distribution of PROBİLİM® Pond in the Pond.


  • Keep in Cool and Dry Place.
  • Seal the Bag after Use.
  • Avoid from sunlight, moisture and high temperature
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